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Brazil-FAO Cooperation launches 3rd edition of virtual course about school feeding

Training lasts 13 weeks and will be offered to 4 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Brasília, April 20, 2022 – The virtual course ‘School feeding as an educational strategy for a healthy life’, promoted by the Brazil-FAO International Cooperation Program through the project Consolidation of School Feeding Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, begins its third edition on the 3rd of May.

The project Consolidation of School Feeding Programs in LAC is a trilateral south-south cooperation initiative carried out jointly by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC/MRE), the National Fund for Educational Development (FNDE/MEC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

In the 2022 edition, the course is aimed at professionals from four countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Around 2,500 professionals will participate. In the last two editions, nearly five thousand professionals who work with ​​school meals in the region were trained. In the first class, which will be broadcast on FAO’s YouTube and on the Twitter account @FaoBrasilCoop, the main conclusions of the study “The Situation of Sustainable Schools in Latin America and the Caribbean 2021” will be presented.

The Sustainable Schools methodology was designed in 2012, built by experts from various countries in the region to promote sustainable school feeding programs, through learning and good practices that are developed from six components: intersectoral articulation; social participation; healthy and adequate menus; food and nutrition education actions; infrastructure improvement; public procurement from family farming.

During the 13 weeks of the Healthy Life 2022 course, the participants will learn more about each of the components of Sustainable Schools, especially regarding food and nutrition education.

The Sustainable Schools methodology, developed since 2012, allows the collective construction of a good school feeding practice and aims to scale this policy to the national level. It also focus on reaching all schools, all students and on being executed the entire school year, offering a nutritious diet, rich in fresh and healthy products acquired from family farming. The methodology is an effort to reach the highest quality and the sustainability of school feeding programs.

First class of the course School feeding as an educational strategy for a healthy life

Date: May 4th

Time: 2:30 pm (Barbados time zone)

Broadcast available in English: fao.org/americas/eventos/ver/en/c/1506033/

Broadcast available in Spanish: fao.org/americas/eventos/ver/es/c/1506042/