‘RAES is essential as a platform for regional exchange and mutual support for school feeding’

Jorge Meza, FAO Representative in Argentina and Uruguay, comments that knowing the experiences of other countries helps to solve problems at the local level and incorporate innovations Paulo Beraldo Jorge Meza, Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Argentina and Uruguay, considers that the Sustainable School Feeding Network (RAES, […]

‘School feeding programmes create the taste and habits of the future generations’

Mr. Fransen Jean, food security officer for the FAO sub-regional office in the Caribbean, talks with the RAES platform about school feeding programmes in the region Paulo Beraldo School feeding programmes are great policy instruments that can shape the taste, eating and consumption habits of this generation and those ones to come, evaluates Fransen Jean, […]

“What children consume triggers and influences their learning process”

Teacher Emy Alfaro, from Belize, shares her remarks about implementing a healthy plan in her school Paulo Beraldo The teacher Emy Alfaro, from Benque Viejo, Cayo, in Belize, has no doubts when it comes to educating the children about what they eat every day. “It is essential to give visibility to eating habits, obesity, hunger, […]

“We want a society that eats for wellness, not for publicity”

Carolina Vanesa Cárcamo, a student from El Salvador, recalls her experience with food and nutrition education Paulo Beraldo The student Carolina Vanesa Carcamo, from Izalco, El Salvador, is clear about the role of food and nutritional education in her life and in the lives of her classmates. In an interview for the Sustainable School Food […]

‘School garden is the most effective tool to educate with focus on nutrition’

Nutritionist Maria Angela Delgado tells how Jundiaí, in Brazil, became a national reference for school feeding Paulo Beraldo Jundiaí, a city located a few kilometers from São Paulo, in Brazil, is a national reference when it comes to school feeding. This is due to the organic production of food, the implementation of dozens of school […]