School Meal Programs Getting Back on Track in Central America, Despite Hurdles

ZARAGOZA, El Salvador , Apr 11 2022 (IPS) – A group of preschool students enthusiastically planted cucumbers and other vegetables in their small school garden in southern El Salvador, a sign that school feeding programs are being revived as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the impacts of coronavirus are still being felt, […]

Local school-feeding programmes creating opportunities for female farmers.

By Gillian Smith, Resident FAO RepresentativeTHE school-feeding programme in Guyana dates as far back as 40 years ago and continues to positively impact the nutrition and health of children and adolescents receiving nursery, primary or secondary education, which represents some 48.6 per cent of the total learner population in the country. In Guyana, the National […]

Nutrition and education: a winning combination

In El Salvador, sustainable school feeding programmes improve eating habits of entire communities Brasília, March 28, 2022 – A few years ago, Vanesa Cárcamo’s school canteen sold only drinks full of sugar, sandwiches filled with saturated fats and snacks high in salt and low in nutrients. She, like all the students, at the Cantón San Isidro […]

International school feeding project in the region was one of the highlights of Green Rio

Initiative that integrates the Brazil-FAO Cooperation had a panel to promote reflection and dialogue on school feeding in the region. BRASÍLIA, November 30, 2021. School feeding in Latin America and the Caribbean was the subject of a panel at Green Rio, an international reference event for sustainable business and green economy, held between November 25 […]

LAC countries promote food and nutrition actions to fight food waste in schools

Sustainable School Feeding Network (RAES) promoted dialogue among countries for the exchange of knowledge and good practices, uniting food education and combating waste Santiago de Chile, April 29, 2021 – “It is imperative to deepen the reflection on the impacts of waste, especially in the context of the pandemic,” said Ambassador Ruy Pereira, director of […]